Lagi na lang umuulan.. 🌧️🎶

Rainy season is finally here and it's time to turn on that senti playlist.. But this cozy cold weather is giving us food lovers our tag-ulan cravings! Luckily, food delivery has never been this easy and so food trips are only a tap away. Tapa King has finally made a list of ideas for your rainy season comfort food (and drinks)! We've got everything on this list so scroll 'til the end to see how to order for delivery. Tara kain!

Pinoy Beef Mami

Fill yourself with a delicious warm bowl of Tapa King's Pinoy Beef Mami — fresh noodles served with tender beef in flavorful broth soup and boiled egg on the side. ​The perfect rainy season companion!

Hot Chocolate

Take a sip of this delightfully sweet, velvety premium cocoa to satisfy your mood for a chocolatey treat! Because a cold rainy day always calls for a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Beef Nilaga

Beef cuts and vegetables in a clear soup, right here to give you comfort on this perfect weather.


Best paired with some Crispy Danggit, your favorite local comfort food is ready to save you on a rainy day!

Hand Drip Coffee

A warm cup of brewed coffee is just like having a warm hug in the cold weather. The perfect de-stress solution.

Bangus Tinapa

A smoky twist to this bangus dish is the perfect comfort food for breakfast! Why not order this delicious meal in advance?

Beef Sinigang

Beef cuts with vegetables in a sour and savory tamarind soup for the instant recovery that you need!

Tapa Lugaw

Remember: Lugaw is an essential especially during the rainy season. Have some of this classic Filipino rice porridge dish topped with our Classic Tapa!

Classic Tapa King

A best-selling classic which fits perfectly for any weather at anytime! Our Tapa cooked the traditional way — seasoned with spices that bring out the beef's natural flavors.

Spicy & Sweet Chicken Tapa

If you love our signature style Spicy & Sweet Tapa then you'll also enjoy this Chicken Tapa twist to it! Try it out and see if you can handle the spiciness — also perfect for the cold season!

Where's your menu and how can I order?

Want Tapa King to satisfy your tag-ulan cravings? You can click here to view our menu and see below how to order for delivery. Tara kain! Tara, Tapa King! 😋☔

We're also available for dine-in and takeout. View our currently open stores and details here.

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