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Share your favorite Tapa King memories with your barkada, family, colleagues, college friends, and more. and get a chance to win P2,500 worth of Tapa King Gift Certificates and P2,500 cash prize! Tara, kwentuhan muna tayo!

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Stay Safe & Healthy

We are re-opening more branches to bring you homestyle meals in the safety of your homes.

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Frozen Tapa Favorites

From being the go-to home for Tapa Lovers to bringing Tapa home to you, enjoy your Tapa Favorites within the comfort of your homes with Tapa King's Frozen Tapa.

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Be Part of Our Growing Franchise Family

Join us in providing classic Filipino homestyle meals.

Humble Beginnings

We quickly look back where we started as we move towards a new milestone.

In Conversation with Our Franchisee, Ariel & Gina de Dios

Ariel & Gina de Dios share their Tapa King experience.

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The Spirit of Bayanihan in Our Pinoy Bisita Culture

Nothing more brightens up the sense of community and togetherness during this time of hardship than the Filipinos igniting their spirit of bayanihan and their sense of bisita hospitality culture.