Tapa King sees the value of small, rare time-out bonding moments with family and companions over a warm cup of coffee as they launch their new Hand Drip Coffee.

It is the sweet rich aroma of coffee filling up the room that wakes you up early in the morning as you see nanay preparing you a hearty breakfast meal and tatay as he watches the morning news. You then pour yourself a warm cup of coffee to start up your day but not without having a small conversation with everyone at the table including kuya and bunso. After a good breakfast meal, everyone goes their separate ways—or, in this new normal, to their own separate rooms—to work from home and attend classes online.

One of the downsides of this new norm is that working from home and online classes tend to blur the line between work and personal life as workload also takes up people’s free time. Thus, some employees and college students turn to short coffee breaks, usually with their companions, as it helps relieve stress and brings them comfort even just for a little while. 

Moments like these we may barely notice but, in the middle of a busy day, it is through these small and rare moments paired with deep conversations that strengthen our bond. Unsurprisingly, Filipinos truly appreciate bonding together over a cup of coffee not only with the family but even with their close friends, relatives and bisita

As Tapa King sees and appreciates this value of taking a time-out along with our loved ones, they have launched their new, authentic and convenient Hand Drip Coffee sachet available at Tapa King stores for takeout and delivery. Let this aromatic local bean brew be your go-to coffee fix at home (or anywhere!) whenever you need one.

Preparation is very simple since all you have to do is to slowly pour just an enough amount of hot water over the ground coffee. You can also add some sugar and creamer depending on how you like the taste of your coffee.

And just like what most Filipino coffee lovers say as a heartwarming invite: tara, kape tayo!

To order this Hand Drip Coffee, call our delivery hotline 8888-TAPA (8272), mobile 0917-6342062 or order online.

For the perfect breakfast experience, partner up your coffee with our Tapa Favorites by ordering Tapa King's Frozen Tapa and other bottled retail items via takeout, delivery and online ordering. This way, we are bringing Tapa King home to you.


  • P55 for dine-in & take-out orders
  • P39 per sachet (10g)
  • P195 for 5 sachets + 1 free sachet

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