For 36 years, Tapa King has been serving you hearty, homestyle cooking of your Tapa Favorites, Royal Meals, and other Filipino homestyle classics at a place where family and friends are welcome any time of the day.

In celebration of over three decades, we're offering our new Tapa category to invite more guests to visit our stores and give them an elevated, fresh experience on their classic Tapa Favorites. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like never before as we introduce our newest offering in partnership with Unilever Food Solutions – the Regional Tapa Series. To showcase the rich diversity of Filipino cuisine, Tapa King will be unifying flavorful regions of the Philippines on your plate. Taste a different sizzling variety of Filipino flavors inspired by the country’s three local dishes from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao! This is available starting August 1, 2023.

Get to learn more about each Regional Tapa dish:

Tapa Hamonado (Luzon region)

A sweet type of Tapa, cured with salt, sugar, pepper, and garlic. The Northern-style Tapa is cooked until the sugar starts to caramelize, leaving a glaze that gives the beef a sweet and salty flavor profile, topped with sweet pineapple bits and garlic chips.

Tapa Inasal (Visayas region)

Beef slices marinated with vinegar, ginger, and garlic. The Tapa resembles the classic Ilonggo dish of grilled chicken. Annatto oil gives a golden orange color to the dish and leaves a smoky aroma when sautéed. The marination of the beef slices has a sour and garlicky flavor.

Tapa Satti (Mindanao region)

Influences from the indigenous Mindanao style of cooking give this Tapa a unique taste. Beef slices are marinated with spices such as turmeric, ginger, coconut milk, and chilies. The tapa is served with a sweet and salty peanut butter sauce that complements the herbal flavor of the dish.

Where to find Tapa King’s Regional Tapa?

Starting August 1, 2023, our Regional Tapa Series are available at all stores, except for our NAIA branch, exclusively for dine-in to make sure that every guest can get the full sizzling experience. You can view our store locations here. Don’t forget to approach our staff to provide feedback on your Regional Tapa experience and let us know which one is your favorite! Tara kain! Tara, Tapa King! 😋🔥🇵🇭

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