To every daughter's first love and every son's best bud,

To the man who gives his all but never asks for more,

To the man who hides his pains and wishes for his family to not feel the same..

He can be distant at times but you know that he loves you so much. Thank you, Papa!

We may not often notice, but a father's love is everywhere. You can feel it from your own dad, lolo, kuya, or uncles. Any form of care, strength, and love you get from them makes you realize a father's love.

So no matter how you call them — Papa, Daddy, Tatay, Paps, or Dada — they're someone worth celebrating with for their sacrifices and efforts.

And with our Classic Tapa King, Father's Day can also be a Tapa King Day for all the dads who deserve to be treated like a King!

Order or drop by at any Tapa King branch and enjoy this one-day special promo para kay Tatay to make up for all the mandatory pay-day pasalubong! Tara kain! Tara, Tapa King!

Learn more about our Father's Day Special Promo here.

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