Lucena City distinguishes itself as a highly urbanized city in the province of Quezon filled with its people, Lucenahins, united with a strong sense of community. Found within this mix of urban and rural setting is a familiar Filipino franchise brand that Lucenahins have always known and loved for almost 9 years.

Opening of Tapa King Lucena back in 2014

Tapa King Lucena opened its doors back in July 31, 2014 at Diversion Road, Barangay Domoit, Lucena City. However, just like most businesses, it closed down in 2021 due to the pandemic. Fortunately, this closure was not permanent. With the people hoping for its reopening, Tapa King Lucena has finally welcomed back the community as they reopened with the brand's new look in their exact same location.

Opening of Tapa King Lucena last March 30, 2023

The grand opening took a festive turn with the storefront decorated in red and white flaglets, balloons and live upbeat music coming from the drum and lyre band. Wanting to bring this festivity around the city, the drum and lyre joined in on a motorcade as they drove around greeting Lucenahins with cheers and music while communicating that Tapa King has officially reopened.

Following the motorcade, a store blessing with an opening program was then celebrated with the franchisees Jonathan and Arlene Yu, Tapa King's COO Melodina Isaguirre, the Tapa King Management Committee, and Mayor Mark Alcala along with representatives from Lucena's LGU.

Lucena West 1 Drum and Lyre Corps.
Store Blessing with Fr. Ramil Esplana, Tapa King COO Melodina Isaguirre, Mayor Mark Alcala, and Franchisee Arlene Yu

As we create a new chapter with our new home and with the same old love from the people of Lucena, we look forward to making more memories as we serve everyone with our signature Tapa King Favorites and other Filipino homestyle classic meals. Tara na sa Tapa King Lucena! Tara kain!

Tapa King Lucena with Store Employees and Franchisees Jonathan and Arlene Yu

Tapa King Lucena City is open Mondays to Sundays, 6am to 10pm.

📌 Purok Dama De Noche Brgy. Domoit Diversion Road, Lucena City (beside Phoenix Gas Station)

📱 Order via Foodpanda

📱 0945-125-7550

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