The year 2020 has caused a huge turn for those in the business industry. Ever since the pandemic, most companies have faced a lot of challenges while some have failed to keep up with the new normal.

But this is not the case for Tapa King Avire Tower franchisees, Jun and Ring Mendoza. We’ve asked them about their franchising experience with Tapa King and how this pandemic gave them a new perspective in the franchising business.

What made you go into the franchising business? 

JUN: I prefer to work with experts in a particular field. When I want my funds to be invested, I go to a bank with the best trust business. So when I thought of asking my wife to handle a business, I immediately thought of franchising.

RING: Since last year, Jun and I were looking for an investment as we grow older. The food industry was on the top of our mind since it is a necessity. Tapa King was in our shortlist and it became a reality in October 2020.

What do you look for in a franchise brand? 

JUN: This pandemic has given me a new perspective. During the peak of the lockdown, access to basic food and shelter became the essentials. I also noticed that some food providers utilize the online delivery system. So basically, I am looking for a food franchise which is accessible to more people either via store or delivery.

RING: Stability and affordability. Tapa King has been my staple when I was working in Makati in the 90’s. At present, it still rings a bell.

What is your ideal franchise-franchisee relationship? And what has your experience been like with the different franchises you take on?

Jun: I am looking at a mentor, an experienced adviser and supporter who will guide my wife in running the business.

Ring: This is our first business venture and I am hoping that it won’t be in a business level alone but instead as a family. A “give-and-take” type and a “win-win” kind of relationship.

What made you decide to franchise Tapa King? What appealed to you?

JUN: Actually, I had two food franchises that I considered. One is a foreign fast food brand and the other is the homegrown Tapa King. Initially, I was leaning towards the foreign fast food brand and I even wrote an email to its President. Unfortunately, I got very disappointed with the way they communicated with us.

I decided to look back on the different brands that I used to visit before and suddenly thought of Tapa King.

I asked my wife to contact the office and was surprised by the warm reply that she got.

I got even more excited when I, together with my wife, was briefed with the new developments on the Tapa King brand which included the new store design and the availability of online delivery.

I also liked the new logo which showcases who is the king when it comes to Tapa and being authentic at that.

RING: As mentioned previously, the product has been in existence since the 80’s. I also liked the way Tapa King expanded its offerings aside from the tapa line.

For you, what does Tapa King stand for?

JUN: Based on the new store design, I think Tapa King would like to uplift the dining experience by offering not just the authentic Tapa but the other equally popular home food in a restaurant setting that is very pleasant and very Filipino.

RING: Tapa King stands for comfort food – all day breakfast type plus more.

It's my HOME away from home.

What does it take to succeed in the franchise business?

JUN: I think a combination of good products and location plus commitments from both the franchisor and franchisee would be the secret to success.

RING: Succeeding in any business entails putting your heart into what you’re doing.

More than the skills, it’s the love and commitment, or malasakit, that matters.

What’s the most challenging part of running the business as a franchisee, especially now that we are in the midst of a pandemic?

JUN: I think the mobility restrictions on the people are quite challenging since a big part of the potential clients will not be around.

RING: This is a totally different setting for me and my husband, and yet, we still pushed through knowing the odds (external concerns).

Challenges can be opportunities in the long run.

Are there any tips that you’d like to give others on how to deal with people?

JUN: I believe in trust and honesty.

RING: Every person is unique. Even if you grew up in one roof, chances are you will still act differently from the rest of your siblings. With this “new normal” phrase that we commonly use at present, the same thing applies to dealing with people. Adaptability and flexibility.

What have you learned during these tough times?

RING: The year 2020 started with a bleak atmosphere, from deaths to typhoons. I believe that tough times bring out the BEST in one’s character. Despite the tribulations we face, HOPE is somewhere along the way. Go TAPA KING, reach for the SKY.

JUN: Tough times don't last, we just need to learn how to adjust and we will soon survive.

You can come visit Tapa King Avire Tower opening on February 22, 2021. Find this new home along P. Tuazon cor. Lakandula St., Project 4, Quezon City. Come home to Tapa King!